University of Bordeaux

University of Bordeaux and more particularly the laboratory ICMCB (The Bordeaux Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry) has unique expertise in new materials processing, simulation, environmental electrochemistry and energy storage.
Its main mission are:
(i) design, prepare and shape materials
(ii) to discover, control and optimize specific functions
(iii) to improve the existing materials for specific applications and
(iv) to propose new materials for tomorrow applications.

In SUPERSMART project, the University of Bordeaux will develop electrochromic inks with enhanced performance, printing processability, production capacity and lower costs  compared to actual materials. The aim is to produce demonstrators of electrochromic displays.
The University of Bordeaux is also involved in education part of the project coordinating a PhD thesis with Luquet Duranton as industrial coordinator and hosting students coming from Master’s degrees funded by KIC EIT Raw Materials.

Contact Person:
Aline Rougier