Luquet & Duranton

Luquet & Duranton is a French SME specialized in the medical sector for the past 118 years. Leader on the French market in adhesive labels, patient wristbands, and patient tracking systems in hospitals and clinics sector. Luquet & Duranton has been working for the past 5 years in developing intelligent and anti-counterfeiting labels for the pharmaceutical industry and the luxury sectors.

Luquet & Duranton contribution will be strongly involved in the WP4: Definition of specifications, design and realization of demonstrators aiming at showing concretely this new technology to end users. At the same time they will develop and upscale materials for the industrialization of those intelligent and anti-counterfeiting labels. They will also define industrial pilot toward commercial launch of finished intelligent and electronic labels and packaging.

Contact Person:
Max Braha-Lonchant, C.E.O.