Joanneum Research Materials

With a team of around 80 researchers JOANNEUM RESEARCH MATERIALS (JOR-MAT) provides interdisciplinary solutions across the entire development value chain – from the idea to the prototype – using cutting edge technologies and methods in terms of simulation, materials optimization, miniaturization and large area device and system fabrication. Based on state-of-the-art equipment and disruptive infrastructure such as roll-to-roll functional printing JOR-MAT offers innovative solutions and services tailored to the needs of business and industry. More specifically, JOR-MAT develops innovative structuring and printing methods for flexible large-area micro- and nanostructured thin films and fully integrated systems-in-foil in view of applications in printed and organic electronics, packaging, photonics, and smart sensors.
In Supersmart JOR-MAT will develop a poling process for the developed nanocomposite ferroelectric polymer material that allows suppressing the cross-sensitivity between the pyro- and the piezoelectric sensing mode. The focus is on lead-free materials that can be up-scaled which then also requires scalable, reliable and industry-fit poling procedures. The generation of in-depth understanding of the nanoparticle poling process and the determination of the electric-field distribution in the complex nanocomposite system is a further important task.