FCT (Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia)

The Faculty of Sciences and Technology (FCT NOVA), Campus of Caparica is one of the most prestigious Portuguese engineering and science public schools. The team involved in SUPERMART is part of Advanced Functional Materials for Micro and Nanotechnologies group (AFMMN) of CENIMAT/I3N, one of the three top-ranked research centers of FCT NOVA. The AFMMN group has a strong activity in fab (e.g. PECVD, PVD, sol gel, spray pyrolysis) and non fab processes (e.g. inkjet) with solid experience in the development of materials for key enabling technologies. The group is considered one of the world pioneers in in oxide-based electronics, the so-called transparent electronics, and has unique expertise in solution-processed oxides development at low temperature.

In SUPERSMART project, FCT NOVA will develop sustainable semiconductor inks based on zinc tin oxide (ZTO), thus avoiding critical raw materials (indium and gallium), with low toxicity, printing processability and lower costs when compared to current materials. The aim is to produce solution-based rectifiers for demonstrators.

Contact Person:
Rodrigo Martins