A designer of materials and innovative solutions, Arkema shapes materials and creates new uses that accelerate customer performance in lightweight and design materials, biosourced materials, new energies, water management, solutions for electronics, and the performance and home insulation.
A global manufacturer in specialty chemicals and advanced materials, with 3 business segments – High Performance Materials, Industrial Specialties, and Coating Solutions – and globally recognized brands, the Group reports annual sales of 7.5 billion euros. Buoyed by the collective energy of its 19,700 employees, Arkema operates in close to 50 countries.

Since the acquisition of the high technology company Piezotech, Arkema has devoted strong R&D efforts to develop Electroactive fluorinated polymers for organic electronics. In this project Arkema will scale up these product to make them available on the market with improved performances, in large volume, high quality and optimized for their use through high throughputs technologies of organic and printed electronics.

Contact Person:
Dr. Fabrice Domingues Dos Santos